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Behind the Lens

David Australia 2017 Waterfall Portrait

​For the past fifteen years, David Sebastian Lowry has captured the world's beauty before him through a photographic lens. An Akron, Ohio native, David's passion for photography has led him to explore a diverse subject matter while traveling through The United States, Europe, Australia, and even India! When he's not busy globetrotting, you can find David in a laboratory working toward his Master's degree in Environmental Microbiology at The University of Akron.

Together, David's love for traveling and passion for biology contribute to an extensive portfolio with subject matter ranging from wildlife, architecture, landscapes, portraiture and event photography.

David's artistry offers viewers a glimpse at a vibrant world, that is nearly tangible and captured from a perspective that is uniquely his own.

Check out David's Blog in the Project and Community tab above to learn more about his recent endeavors and events.

Collaborations Include

The Italian American Society

Keep Akron Beautiful

Stewart's Caring Place

Rthm&Flo Music

Vigeo Gardens

Whiskertin Lighting

High Street Hop House

The Mustard Seed Cafe

Emily Kuzmick Yoga

Vim&Ador Meditation

The House of Hunan

Girls on the Run



Kuzmick Yoga Orig (525)_DLPhoto 2020.jpg

Emily Kuzmick yoga

Lashley Mitzvah'19 Party (140) LowResolu

Lashley Family

"David Lowry is an actual angel. Anyone who can be as patient/happy/genuinely smile after trying to get me to "model" in 90% humidity is a godsend"

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